Martha Cooper


Martha Cooper is a renowned American photojournalist and documentary photographer, best known for her work capturing the vibrant world of street art and graffiti. Born in 1943, Cooper began her career in the 1970s and gained prominence with her groundbreaking book, “Subway Art,” co-authored with Henry Chalfant. This seminal work documented the burgeoning graffiti scene in New York City, offering an inside look at the artists and their creations on the city’s subway trains.

Cooper’s photography is celebrated for its ability to authentically capture the energy and creativity of urban youth culture. Her images have played a pivotal role in legitimizing graffiti as a form of contemporary art and have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. With a career spanning several decades, Martha Cooper remains a significant and influential figure in the world of street art and urban photography.




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Keep Smiling (Gold edition)


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